From the desk of Chief Electoral Officer

          That India is the largest democracy in the world is a cause of great pride and celebration for every Indian and in the midst of this, elections remain the defining institutions of democracy and a crucial pillar of nation building. It has been our endeavour to conduct free, fair and peaceful elections under the superintendence and guidance of the Election Commission of India amidst the many constraints & challenges due to its large size both in area and population, varying geographical, social and political conditions across the country.

          To have a meaningful and participative democracy in the Sate, it is essential that the voters are fully conscious about their rights and obligations as electors and are made fully aware of the statutory provisions under which the election machinery operates. Keeping these objectives in mind, this website has been designed reflecting our duty and commitment to reach out to each and every stakeholder in the election process by providing useful information, guidance and insight in a faster, easier and user friendly manner. The Election Department in consonance with the ECI mandate is striving hard and leaving no stone unturned to ensure that “No Voter is Left behind”

          We welcome suggestions from voters, political parties, NGOs and all other stakeholders for improvement of the contents of this website, so as to achieve our collective dream and objective of ensuring a truly participative meaningful and inclusive democracy here in Meghalaya the Adobe of Clouds, which has had a rich legacy of consensus & democracy since time immemorial.


F. R. Kharkongor.





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